1954 VW

1954 VW Beetle displayed by Rob Noble

If you were lucky enough to visit our First and Last exhibition, there is no way you could have missed the delightful pair of VW Beetles at the entrance and the impressive Monaro duo across the floor.

The vehicles from our First and Last exhibition move out of the shed tomorrow to make way for our Rods and Custom exhibition (Display Day will be held on Sunday, July 11 from 9am). But it has been such a great four months, we thought it was worth taking a last look at four of the most popular exhibits.

Visitors to the display were treated to a 1954 Volkswagen Beetle and a 1976 Volkswagen Beetle L – each as lovable as the next. Volkswagen Australia began importing Complete Knockdown Kits from Germany and assembling them in Melbourne in June 1954. The ’54 model features a unique oval back window. One of the VWs greatest attributes was a heater that drew no electrical power. Activated by a tap on the floor, it delivered either a trickle or full-on blast of engine-heated air that could cook your feet well before it demisted the windows.

1976 Volkswagen L

The 1976 VW L displayed by Nathan Smith

The ’54 Beetle purchased by Rob Noble from a Shannon’s motor auction 15 years ago, is totally standard, well maintained and drives like new.

The 1976 Volkswagen L, exhibited by Nathan Smith, was the last Beetle assembled in Australia. There were minor upgrades to the 1976 model – it now had a rear window defroster, the front seats were a more comfortable design and the position of the rear seats was easier to adjust.

An equally impressive pair of Monaros, both exhibited by Ross and Tanya Foster also garnered a lot of attention. The 1969 HK Holden Monaro Coupe is a base model ordered with a range of options including a 307 ci V8 engine, standard V8 disc brake front end and Limited Slip Differential rear end. It is a floor shift, two-speed automatic and has been in the same family since 1974 as a daily driver. The original motor is still fitted but did have a rebuild at 309,000kms.

1969 HK Holden Monaro Coupe

The 1969 HK Holden Monaro Coupe displayed by Ross and Tanya Foster.

Monaro production ceased in 1975 but was reintroduced in 2001. The 2003 model on display has an LS 1, 5.7 litre, 5665cc V8 engine of all-aluminium construction. 

The next exhibition Rods and Custom vehicles, will launch on Sunday, July 11, with all enthusiasts invited to bring their own special vehicles along for display in the grounds. In the meantime, we have loads of great exhibits, including the newly refreshed motorbikes display and Model World Maffra, so come and say hi! 

Happy motoring!