Visiting Organistions and Vehicles to the Gippsland Vehicle Collection Motor Museum.

Click on the display links below to view photographs of events.
The Mini Club of Victoria Visit June 2021
Early Model Holden Club of Victoria Visit June 2021
48-84 Holden Car Club of Gippsland Visit May 2021
Austin Healey Sprite Club and Friends May 2021
Southern Peninsula Car Club April 2021
Old Farts Coffee Club of Victoria Visit April 2021
Mustang Club of Victoria Visit March 2021
Bairnsdale Classic Car Club Visit February 2021
60’s American Muscle Car Club visit to GVC December 2019
Aussie Muscle Car / Leukaemia Foundation Run October 2019
Lancia Club Visit October 2019
Torana Owners Club Visit October 2019
Rootes Group Car Clubs Visit October 2019
Statewide Mini Club of Victoria Visit September 2019
Victoria Veterans Division of the Chev Car Club Visit June 2019
Thunderbird Owners Club March 2019
Classic Motorcycle Club Visit March 2019
Jaguar Car Club of Victoria  East Gippsland Register January 2019
Cadillac Car Club of Melbourne October 2018
American Truck Historical Society (Australian Chapter) July 2018
NSW GTR & XU1 Owners Club March 2018
Burra Car Club September 2017
South Coast Vintage Club September 2017
Studebaker Car Club August 2017
Variety Club Melbourne to Fraser Island Bash August 2017
Lions Pride Holden Car Club June 2017
Ballarat Vintage and Classic Car Club visiting Maffra April 2017
National Velocette Rally at GVC November 2016
Historic Rally Association s Southern Cross Rally 50th Anniversary Rally November 2016
Triumph Car Club October 2016
Muscle Car Run for Leukaemia Foundation May 2016
Vintage Drivers Club – Hub Rally visit to the Museum April 2016
Citroen Car Club of Australia visit April 2016
Coffs Harbour Motorcycle Restorers Club Visit January 2016
Classic Road Trials Australia – 3 Day Rally November 2015
Moke Owners Association Visit September 2015
Black Dog Ride Visit March 2015
Classic Motorcycle Club visit to Museum February 2014
Austin Champ Owners Club Visit to Museum    
T Model Ford visit November 2013
Delage club visit to the Maffra shed October 2013
Mazda MX5 Club Visit August 2013
Alvis Car Club of Victoria Visit April 2013
Indian Motorcycle Club Visit April 2013
British 2 Stroke Club Visit April 2013

Oldsmobile Club Visiting GVC Maffra