A car lovers’ dream at the GVC – 1970 Holden Torana GTR-X concept car

An absolute stunner of a vehicle, the 1970 Holden Torana GTR-X, is on show at Maffra’s Gippsland Vehicle Collection for just a few more days until the 16th of June.

The GTR-X had the potential to surpass all other Toranas in reputation, but unfortunately never made it onto the production line – a disappointment not fully understood until you see it.

Featuring a sleek wedge-shaped body, the pearl-coloured masterpiece was not for the faint-hearted (or stiff-jointed) and allegedly reached a top speed of 210 kilometres an hour in testing.

GVC Display Manager, Leigh Sheilds, said it had taken a lot of negotiation with General Motors to secure the loan of the vehicle, and the ability to display the vehicle was a real coup for the Museum.

“This is an incredibly impressive vehicle that delivered on performance and functionality as well as looks,” Mr Sheilds said.

“You can’t help but feel a pang of regret that it never made it onto the road when you see it.”

He said the appeal of the vehicle, which is a feature of the GVC’s current exhibit, Red Alert – A Tribute to the Holden Red Motor – goes well beyond just Holden devotees, and gets an instant reaction from everyone that walks into the display.

“It’s certainly been a stand-out exhibit and has attracted a lot of attention,” Mr Sheilds added.

The GTR-X did come close to production, with glossy brochures, photography and promotional films all making their way onto the market first in anticipation of its release.

One such flier described the GTR-X as aerodynamically designed, with a long, sleek hood “accentuated by a low wedge-shaped grille” and a body line sweeping up at the rear to an elevated tail light assembly. “Simplicity is the keynote,” it said.

“It is achieved by concealed headlights, sharp windshield rake, recessed parking and turning lights, and flush petrol filler access and door handles. Front and rear bumpers assume the contour of the body. To identify the car the GTR-X identification is contained within a crisp black and orange stripe running parallel to the rocker panel.”

However, in the end the high cost of producing the vehicle could not be justified in a market with such a small population.

You can see the renowned GTR-X  at Maffra’s Gippsland Vehicle Collection between 10am and 4pm Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. Entry costs $10 per adult and $8 per concession with kids under 15 free. The Gippsland Vehicle Collection is located at 1A Sale Rd, Maffra, Victoria.

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