GVC celebrates Chrysler Australia’s Valiant and Charger

Visitors to Maffra were very taken with the 1976 Chrysler Charger CL-770 currently on show at the Gippsland Vehicle Collection

Pictured admiring the 1976 Chrysler Charger CL-770 recently are (front) Rhondda Kniese of Bittern and Alicia May of Keppell South and (back) Graeme Kniese and Kevin May.

Let’s talk about Chrysler for a moment. We have a couple of stunners on show right now as part of our First and Last exhibition, which finishes on Friday, 25th of June.

Chrysler Australia sold Chrysler Valiant’s between 1962 and 1981. Initially a rebadged, locally assembled Plymouth Valiant from the United States, the second generation launched in 1963 was fully manufactured in Australia. It was sold locally as well as in New Zealand, South Africa and with smaller numbers also exported to Southeast Asia and the United Kingdom.

Glenn and Lynette Burrage of Bairnsdale have kindly exhibited their lovely 1962 ‘S’ Series Chrysler Valiant with us for the current display. They purchased it in 1993 from its original owners, the Pallot family, who bought it in 1962 from Bairnsdale dealer, Brodribb Bros Motors.

The vehicle has a ‘slant’ six cylinder engine, is a three-speed manual and has torsion bar suspension in the front and leaf spring suspension in the rear. Somewhat importantly, it looks fantastic! You can just imagine yourself cruising on the open road, windows down with some great ‘60s tunes sounding from the stereo.

A 1962 S Series Chrysler Valiant currently on display at the Gippsland Vehicle Collection in Maffra

The 1962 S Series Chrysler Valiant currently on display as part of the First and Last exhibition.

Chrysler made significant investment in its Australian manufacturing facilities, and by the late ‘60s the Valiant was well-established as the third of the Big 3 Australian made vehicles, behind only Kingswood and Falcon.

The Valiants were built on the North American A-body platform but with many parts and components from Australian suppliers. The Charger was released in 1971. From that year on, the VH series saw Chrysler Australia develop the entire line-up locally until the CM series of 1979, which marked the end of local production in 1981, after the takeover of operations by Mitsubishi Motors Australia.

As part of the GVC’s First and Last exhibition, you can also see a hot 1976 Chrysler Charger CL-770. The CL series was the last Charger model made in Australia and features a new front bodywork. This particular vehicle was purchased by its current owner, Greg Ikin, in 1986 and its body is still in original condition.

It is powered by a 4.3 litre, 6 cylinder Hemi engine that was completely rebuilt in 2001, and a four-speed manual transmission.

Chrysler Australia’s manufacturing production of the Charger ended on 16th August 1978.

The First and Last exhibition will remain on show until the end of June, when vehicles will be changed over to make way for the Hot Rod exhibition coming in July. So make sure you visit us soon to see these fantastic Chrysler’s and the other fascinating duos on show before they head back to their home garages!

The Gippsland Vehicle Collection and Model World Maffra are open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10am to 4pm and every day in school holidays. Admission is $15 per adult, $10 concession and free for children 15 and under.

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